About Us

YONKE ONLINE is an online marketplace that celebrate, support and sell all sorts and shapes of vibrant and unique art, crafts and home decor, created by the hands and minds of phenomenally gifted local and international artists.

'Yonke' is the Zulu/Xhosa word for 'everything', and we therefor aspire to offer you, in good time, the greatest selection of unique local and international art, in the form of paintings, sculptures, hand crafts, home decor, home appliances, furniture, clothing, luggage, and 'everything' else that is eye-catching, magnificent and beautiful!

We are dedicated to promote and empower local artists, both young and old, both aspiring and experienced, to enable them to support themselves and their families better during times of plenty economical and financial challenges.

We are also committed to use our online platform and a portion of our proceeds to give back to our communities, and to support certain local Non-Profit Organisations and/or other charitable causes to the best of our abilities.

    Our VISION is to be South Africa's LARGEST, most LOVED, and most TRUSTED online marketplace for all kinds of unique and spectacular art and crafts, sourced from all creative corners.

    Our MISSION is two-fold:

    1. To celebrate, empower and support brilliant local and international artists and craftsmen by exposing their artwork to a much broader digital audience.
    2. To provide our customers true value in the form of a great selection of high quality arts and crafts of all sorts, at reasonable prices, through an outstanding online shopping experience.

    Our CORE VALUES are to:

    1. Inspire
    2. Empower
    3. Create
    4. Innovate
    5. Have fun

    Yonke Online is a third-party seller of artwork from various local and international artists. We pride ourselves in being an honest and ethical trader in all sorts of art and crafts. We are firmly and strictly opposed to any form of intellectual property infringement or the fraudulent use of copyright (i.e. the use of someone else's creative work and selling it as your own), whether it is intentional or not. As an art and crafts trader, it is unfortunately not always possible to verify whether artwork is completely original though, and we would therefor like to urge you on to contact us immediately should you suspect any form of fraudulent use of copyright in any of the art and crafts that we are selling on this platform.

    Email: info@yonkeonline.co.za

    Whatsapp: 0827826980 (Herman)